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Parsieh International Group is an international investment company active as a holding, responsible for leadership, planning, supervising, and controlling the activities of its subordinates. In this connection, separating the activities in different sectors, infrastructure, construction, trading, agricultural, and industry are conducted through four companies:

1. Mana Construction & Development Company:

This is a joint private stock company with a capital of 1 million US Dollars. The field of activities include: Construction of building, road, bridge, residential towers, city planning, and ports. At present various projects such as residential and office buildings in Tehran and Karaj is under construction.

2. Roshtak Agricultural & Industrial Company:

With a capital of 1 million US Dollars, it is a joint private stock company mainly active in northern part of the country. Area of activities include: Agricultural, gardening, horticulture, and related packaging industry.

3. Ronak Development Trading Company:

All commercial & service related projects of the group are managed by this private joint stock company with a capital of 1 million US Dollars. Main activities include: Importation of food articles, pharmaceutical, medical accessories, oil, gas, chemical, and construction materials. Ronak Development Trading Company has been successful in obtaining official exclusive agencies for importation of dialyzer, industrial milk powder, and drilling machineries from Germany, Italy, Belarus, China, and Japan.

4. Parsieh Dubai Trading Company:

With the aim to expand commercial activities, access to regional market, and to facilitate trade and services this company was established in United Arab Emirates, and benefits from communication and financial credit potentials in conducting businesses such as Export to Emirates, China, Japan, Turkey, and import from Asia, European, and American countries.


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