• Investment and participation in information of various manufacturing, industrial, mineral, oil and gas and petrochemical, communication and information technology, technical and engineering, trading and service related companies;
  • Management, designing and participation in development and mass construction projects, creating urban infrastructural facilities, road and dam construction inside and outside the country;
  • Activity in supplying and utilizing equipment and machineries especially for development, infrastructural and industrial projects with application of modern technology;
  • Exporting technical know-how and engineering experience through research, development, and consultancy services;
  • Executive management of construction projects (contracting), technical services and civil engineering including: consulting, design, supervision and evaluation of feasibility studies of the projects;
  • Participation and investment in various trade and services sectors related to the other company’s activities such as supplying raw materials, machinery spare parts, transportation, insurance services, and after sales services;
  • Promote and facilitate investment for real and legal entities and receiving financial facilities from local international financial credit institutions.
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